Monday, September 19, 2011

Money Talks, And Politicians Listen!

Who's Running Ruining Our Country?

The Love Affair Between Corporations And Congress. Total campaign contributions for the 2008 Congressional elections totaled $2.64 billion. There are at least a dozen countries whose GDP is lower than this amount. That's almost $5 million for each of the 535 seats in the two houses of Congress. Of this amount, 74% came from Business, 8% from Ideological Groups, 3% from Labor, and the remaining 15% from Other sources. Business alone contributed almost $3.7 million for each Congressional seat. And Congress has been faithful in providing corporations with exemption, incentives, special deductions, and other such rewards.

Bigger Is Better When It Comes To Donations. Which corporations are the biggest contributors to Capitol Hill? Here is a list of the top 75 corporate contributors of campaign cash from 1989 to 2010. (Source: The Top 75 Corporate Sponsors) How many of these names do you recognize? Do they sound like the kinds of companies you would like to have running your country – for their benefit?

1 AT&T
20 Pfizer
21 FedEx
30 UBS
31 Aflac
33 Boeing
52 UST
56 AIG
65 CSX
71 MCI
75 Enron

This looks like a nice slice of the Fortune 500, doesn't it? However, It is more likely to be viewed as a “Most Wanted” list by politicians looking for campaign contributions.

Corporations Lending A Helping Hand. It would be nice to think that these corporations are just being good corporate “citizens” interested in helping their country. However, we all know that they are much more interested in helping themselves, and that is just what they expect Congress to help them do. The corporations know that the politicians whom they helped put into office with their money will watch out for their welfare and best interests. Meanwhile, private citizens who actually put them into office with their votes fail to get the representation that the Constitution provides.   

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