Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Restoring Democracy: Introduction/Index

Welcome to the Restoring Democracy Blog
As you can see from the summary at the top of this page and from my profile to the right, I am very concerned about our country and its future. We were founded as a democratic republic. Unfortunately, year by year, I see that democracy slipping away from us and, with it, our government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
We cannot rely on our government to cure itself, because, in fact, our government is a major part of the problem. It is up to the people to take action to rescue and restore the democracy that is rightly ours under the Constitution.
The entries contained herein address various facets of the problems which beset and threaten our country.  There are also some recommended steps that we as private citizens can take to effect this change and return the government to the people. I hope that these posts will provide some information, provoke some thought, produce some ideas, and promote some action toward reclaiming and restoring our democracy.
Listed below are titles of the posts contained in this blog. Please review them and click on any that might be of interest to you. Also, please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or viewpoints of your own. 

Here for your convenience is a list by topic of the posts in this blog with links to each:

Democracy    Awaken the Sleeping Eagle!

Democracy, and What It Means to Us

Democracy: From Definition to the Constitution

Are We a Democratic Republic or a Plutocracy?

Major Threats to Our Democratic System

The Great Economic Divide
Why There Is No True Democracy in America
Economy How the Pursuit of Profits Kills Innovation and the Economy

An Open Letter to the One Percenters

Duopoly and Wealth: The Ties that Bind
Government   Political Duopoly: Working Partner of the Plutocracy

Plutocracy to Plutonomy: From Bad to Worse!

Campaign Funding's Impact On Democracy
Congress Money Talks, And Politicians Listen!

U.S. Congress: Bought And Paid For

Lobbying And Its Impact On Democracy

Lobbyists Teach One Day and Get Huge Pension

Why Is Our Congress So Dysfunctional?

How Congress Has Occupied Wall Street.
Politics Big Problems with Our Two-Party System

Elections :Heart of Democracy or Height of Hypocrisy?

Gerrymandering for Fun and Profit!  (in development)

In Presidential Debates, Duopoly Reigns Supreme

Presidential Debates: Fraud or Farce?

Problems For Third-Party Candidates
Super PACs -- New Arena for Corruption?

Congress Ignores the Will of the People

We Must Drive Big Money Out of Politics!
Solutions? The "Saving American Democracy" Amendment

How Not to Get Money Out of Politics

The Quickest Way to Solve Our Problems?

Restoring Democracy - One Vote at a Time

Restoring the American Dream - Part I

Restoring the American Dream - Part II

Restoring the American Dream – Part III
Occupy Movement
                                                                                                                                      New Direction for the Occupy Movement

Time for an OWS Reality Check

Time for Occupy Movement to Move On

NY Tax Plan: Occupy Wall Street Victory?

Is the Occupy Movement Running Amok?

"Occupy Oakland" No Longer Exists!

An Oakland Demonstrator's Open Letter
Occupy Movement: Rooted in Anarchy?

Thank you for visiting the site. I hope you will return again, as new subjects are posted with a fair degree of regularity.
Jim Burgardt

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